A bunch of question idioms

It’s only a question of time

to be (only) a question/ a matter of time.

Use this expression to say that something is inevitable – you can’t avoid it, it will happen anyway, sooner or later. As Depeche Mode used to sing… „It’s a Question of Time”.

Come into question

to come into question means become doubted, scrutinized, or a matter of serious discussion

After the incident, Adam’s loyalty came into question.

Burning question

An urgent or critical issue in a heated discussion. A question that should be answered asap.

To duck a question

To duck a question means to avoid answering it.

Good question!

In other words, I have no clue!

Leading question 

A leading question is a question you ask to get the answer you want.

Maybe police officers or lawyers in a court sometimes ask leading questions?

Loaded question

A question that contains a controversial assumption

PL: pytanie z podtekstem

64$ question

the ultimate question, the final and important question

this expression comes from a radio quiz where contestants had to answer question after question; it became a catchword and people applied the phrase to any very important question or matter

It’s less popular now than it used to be.

out of question

If something is out of question, it’s not taken into account at all.

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